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  • Fall Registration has ended

Todays Games

Thursday October 23, 2014
Athletics vs. Rangers
06:00 PM @ GN6
Red Sox vs. Braves
06:00 PM @ GN7
Dodgers vs. Hooks
06:00 PM @ GN1
Rangers vs. Twins
06:00 PM @ GN2
Angels vs. Dodgers
07:30 PM @ GN6
Nationals vs. Astros
07:30 PM @ GN7
Scrappers vs. Braves
07:45 PM @ GN1
Invaders vs. River Bandits
08:00 PM @ GN2


Welcome to McKinney Baseball Association

Effective Fall 2014:

MBA does allow "Select" teams and players to play within the organization.  However, in an attempt to keep competition fair within our divisions, criteria has been set to establish the proper division a select team/player must play in. Refer to the Rules of MBA for additional information.

All coaches/parents who participate on the field at practice, and or games, must fill out a background check application prior to being on the field.  Please click on this link to open the application:  Background Check/Coaches Application


Rain Out Policy

Once MBA has determined that fields are not playable for the day the following procedures will be followed:

  1. All games on the front page of the website will display the rainout symbol.  Emails will be sent to MBA coaches and parents advising of the rainout.
  2. Once all the games are rained out then MBA will begin to reschedule the games for a future date.   


Until the games on the front page of our website show that they have been rained out, the games are still considered active and you will need to go to the fields at your assigned game time. As soon as the league administrator knows that the games are rained out, he/she will post it on the front page.  Please do not call asking if we think the game will be played or not, as we will not know until we are told by the city.

Refund Policy

The start of the Fall 2014 season is September 2nd for all divisions. MBA will refund a players registration fee minus a $25.00 administrative fee, until August 15th. After August 15th, 2014 there will be NO refunds issued.